Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Global Warming: The Perversion Of Science

I hate the global warming issue and this article in the WSJ pretty well covers the reason why.

In short, what should be a scientific problem has become so politicized that the science has been perverted to the point where the real questions have political answers instead of factual ones.

How much have average temperatures increased over the last century?
What can be considered to be normal global temperature fluctuation?
How much of the change can be attributed to solar fluctuations?
How much of the change can be attributed to human activities?

While I'm sure that we are well on our way to getting enough factual data to come to objective answers to these questions, that data always seems to be analyzed in a less than objective way.

The environmental Chicken Littles like Al Gore want to blame mankind and twist the data to support their position, which leads conservatives to twist the data against that position. In the end, all the political maneuvering is pointless, as is so often the case. With regard to global warming, the alarmists who would have us believe it is all because of the burning of fossil fuels can rejoice because we're about to run out, a fact politicians on both sides of the isle are powerless to change.


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