Monday, May 15, 2006


Last night the family and I were at Best Buy trying to pick out a DVD when my wife pulled Primer off of a shelf and said "Oh, what's this?" I turned my head to see and as soon as I saw the title, the relevant Slashdot post (from 8/1/2004, no less) was instantly recalled and I knew I had to have this movie. I knew it so fast that I snatched the case from my wife's hands before she could even read the back cover.

Now that I have finally seen it I can say this: Primer is probably the best time travel movie ever made and I wish more Sci-Fi would follow its example.

Now, go get a copy and see it. And after you've seen it, you might want to check out the Wikipedia entry about it clear up questions you will probably have about the timelines.


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