Friday, February 17, 2006

A Worm for the Apples...

Well, it finally happened. MacOSX has it's very first virus/worm which is named "OSX/Leap-A" by the security experts. Here's a CBS News article and a TG Daily article which go into a little more detail.

Hype aside, this worm is pretty weak. It masquerades as an image file and spreads through iChat (Apple's AIM/Jabber Client) and requires the user to enter an administrator's user name and password in order to infect the computer.

Now admittedly, there are users who are stupid enough to provide these credentials but that doesn't mean that MacOSX is about to be overrun by viruses. A successful virus needs to be able to spread with little-to-no-assistance from the user, something which has yet to show up on MacOSX.


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