Thursday, August 11, 2005

ZETA's off the path.

Zeta is, essentially, the new version of BeOS. Unfortunately, it looks like yellowTab has made at least one mistake. Your copy needs to be authorized, like Windows.

The Author of the review had this to say:

"The activation screen becomes more of a nag screen than anything else, although it is clear that yellowTAB has concerns about losing sales to piracy, a problem that any alternative operating system running on generic x86 hardware must inevitably face."

In my view, getting hung up on how you're losing money to piracy is the last thing a publisher of an alternate OS should do. As long as you don't provide any tech support to pirate users, the pirate copies don't actually cost you anything, and you do in fact get something in return: a larger installed base. Which, for an alternate OS, is worth the lost revenue. Don't be surprised when yellowTab meets the same fate as Be, Inc.


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