Tuesday, August 30, 2005

GM will launch self-driving car in 2008

Check out the post at engadget. This is very exciting. I really didn't expect any car manufacturer to release this before 2015, so even if they miss the 2008 mark, it's great news.

The original article is A Car That (Really) Drives Itself and states that this model is for the European market. Because of stiffer product liability in the USA, we are unlikely to see this feature on US models until the technology is proven to be safe.

I really want self-driving cars to work out. I envision a day, a couple decades after self-driving cars become available, when it is illegal to drive a car on a public roadway. And I look forward to it.

That may sound surprising coming from me, considering that my political views are continuing to move toward the anarchic. However, most of the traffic laws as they are written today are basically victimless crimes and self-driving cars would make those laws irrelevant as your car will be the ideal driver.


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