Thursday, March 10, 2005

Moving to Canada

That's it! I'm moving to Canada!

Ok, not really. But this blog and really are going to move to Canada. In fact, already has. Furthermore, if all goes according to plan, sometime tomorrow morning will cease to exist and this blog will become the main page for

Why have I done this? Well, I chose a Canadian hosting company mostly because Canaca has really cheap hosting. I'm talking dirt cheap here. I signed up for 2 years at $3.95US per month! I get 10GB of storage and 200Gb monthly bandwidth allowance. Yahoo! charges $11.95/month for a fraction of that.

I did the whole domain thing because I felt it was time to consolidate my Internet presence and add new abilities. After I get my website all worked out, I'm going to change my primary e-mail address to Once I get a handle on the user-administration side of my hosting software, I'm going to give my wife an FTP user so she can host pictures and stuff all by herself. Other things are in the pipe as well.

Anyway, for those who care and haven't done it yet, NOW is the time to update those bookmarks.

2005-03-08 22:24 C&T


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