Sunday, February 06, 2005

My iPod shuffle

My iPod shuffle arrived last Monday. Now that I've had some time to play with it, I'm ready to share some of my thoughts and experiences.

First off, the shuffle is small; barely larger than a 512MB thumbdrive I have. Considering that the shuffle adds MP3 and AAC playback, a 12-hour rechargable battery and controls, that's pretty impressive. I had seen the pictures of it but you really can't grasp its diminutive size until you hold one.

Secondly, I can actually accept the random play mode. I had woried about giving up control of the play order but I decided to drink the Apple kool-aid on that one, and it's worked out. The other day I went to get some more cash, and my iPod randomly picked the theme to Mission Impossible. I had never felt so awesome about using an ATM in my entire life.

So far I don't really have any major complaints. The slider on the back was a little hard to move at first, but it has loosened up a bit since then. I've never been a fan of the earbud style headphones it comes with, but I've adapted to them pretty well so far. Overall, the iPod Shuffle is "freakin' awesome!"

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