Wednesday, February 23, 2005

iPod line updated

Apple has updated their iPod line as of this morning. Here's the specs on the revised line. Some notes:

  1. You'll notice that the iPod minis now come in 4Gb and 6Gb varieties, with four colors. This is an increase in the number of unique iPod mini models.
  2. There is only one iPod now, with the 30Gb iPod photo having taken the 40Gb iPod's place.
  3. The top-end 60Gb iPod photo has had its price lowered by $150US.

It looks to me like the plain-Jane, black & white iPod is on the way out, to be completely replaced by the iPod photo in the next revision. The only question on my mind is whether the iPod photo will keep the "photo" suffix when that next revision comes.

2005-02-23 20:56C&T


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