Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Apple Removes Head From Ass?

According to rumor mill Think Secret, Apple will drop a sub-$500 Mac bomb at Expo! (A monitor-less Mac for $499 US)

Now, my initial reaction is "No way" for no other reason than because it's too good to be true. If it is true, I'm buying one. Every other Mac fan who has been demanding exactly this machine since the debut of the iMac in '98 had better buy one too.

My guess would be that the specs on the machine will be comparable to the eMac's current specs (1.25GHz, 256Mb, 40Gb, ComboDrive) since the eMac is way overdue for a revision, and this would explain why perfectly: The eMac gets revved and the headless-iMac will have the same specs as the old eMac, but for $200 less.

Supposedly, this product is meant to pull in PC-wielding iPod owners, which makes sense to me. I sure hope it works.

2004-12-28 14:55 C&T


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