Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Goddamn it all to hell!

So Bush won. FUCK! I was gunning for Kerry. I didn't vote for him because I can't vote for socialist assholes and in Texas it still wouldn't have mattered if every Badnarik vote went to Kerry, but I was still hoping he would win. Why? Because he would have been a lame duck president for the next 4 years! Nothing would have gotten done! He'd veto damn near everything Congress sent him and Congress wouldn't play along with any of his socialist schemes!

Instead we have Hitler Jr. until 2008! What the sweet fucking hell is wrong with you people?

On another topic, what the fuck is wrong with the goddamned media? Based on the current numbers, Nader only got about 17,000 votes more than Badnarik! Nader is a household name and has run in the last three presidential elections! And he can barely do better than a relative unknown? Nader is gone. The LP will have the 2008 elections all to ourselves. But do you hear the media mentioning this? NO.

I'm just so pissed off right now...


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