Friday, November 05, 2004

Digital Babes

Wired's article "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Digital" discusses the Miss Digital World contest featuring computer generated models. Although many of the submitted models aren't really that impressive, a few really do live up to Wired's hype and "make Lara Croft look like Ms. Pac-Man."

The possible future this presents comes with questions. How will the women and teen girls of the future respond to models with impossibly perfect looks who never age?

One also wonders about pornography. Firstly, DVD quality is about as high as you can go with human actors because higher definition media will pick up every single flaw. This will result in photo-realistic virtual porn that promises to be better than live action film.

It also opens the door to porn containing sex acts no human woman would ever perform, no matter how depraved she may be. What kind of backlash will there be from society? What laws will congress pass to "protect" us? Of course, this already exists to an extent with animated porn films, but I think it'll be different when you can't tell if you're looking at a real woman or a virtual one.


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