Sunday, November 28, 2004

Christmas Lights

Today, I put up Phase One of my christmas lights. Sometime before next Sunday I'll complete Phase Two, which was going to be last year's Phase Four. However, I never got that far last year because I never quite got around to buying the size of masonry drill bit I needed to secure those lights to my house. This year I have it and Phase Two is going to have the other lamers on my block begging for mercy, so I'm not sure if I'll need to go to Phase Three or not... We'll see.

This year I also have all my lights plugged into the side porch light socket which allows me to turn them on and off from inside without plugging/unplugging them. This is so much nicer. It always sucked having to go out into the cold right before bed.

My big competition across the street hasn't put his up yet, maybe he's waiting to see what I'll do. You have to understand, you can't just put all your lights up at once. You need to use tactics! If you blow everything all at once the other guy will win! I guess it's kind of like an arms race.

I'll try to put some photos up here before New Year's...


Blogger Maria Cristina said...

:') hahaha, that's what we're doing. We waited a few days to see the neighbors lights, then we started on ours. We're holding back some strings of lights - just in case one of the neighbors houses starts looking more illuminated than ours.
May your house be brighter than the rest!

9:14 PM  

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