Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Some Wired Hype

Once upon a time I subscribed to Wired magazine but stopped when I tired of the ever present hype in their articles. Nonetheless, I have two articles from that periodical to share today, if you can avoid getting sucked into the hype.

The first is about new research into the role all the bacteria and fungi we carry around with us play in our biology. While the morons at Wired get caught up hyping facts that are covered in any decent high school bio class, the important fact is that this could have substantial effects on future medicine.

The second discusses growing "victimless leather" garments and once again Wired goes for the hype instead of the substance. The substance is that the most "humane" ways of raising meat/leather-producing animals are terribly inefficient. Ideally, we would do away with raising the entire animal and just grow the parts we want. This could be seen as a step towards that goal.


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