Thursday, October 28, 2004

Badnarik Got My Vote

I took advantage of the early voting booths set up at my workplace today and went to the polls. I followed my Official Voting Policy and voted a straight Libertarian ticket, including voting for Michael Badnarik for President. Most would disagree with this choice but it was the only choice I could make and still sleep soundly at night.

John Kerry and George W. Bush are both first class pieces of shit, in my not even remotely humble opinion. While I certainly think that one stinks slightly worse than the other, I couldn't bring myself to vote for the "lesser of two evils."

I voted for the only man on the ticket who really loves America and its constitution. I voted for real freedom, not the police state Bush and Kerry want. I did the right thing and I have no doubts or guilt about it because doing the right thing always feels good.

Go read Harry Browne's article A Forgotten Day & A Forgotten Country if you still think I'm wrong.


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