Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Star Wars Original Trilogy on DVD

The Star Wars OT is out on DVD in the US today and it seems that it was out in the UK & France (and possibly other European countries) yesterday.

Here are some pages showing some of the changes between the Special Edition versions and these new DVD's:

Seems like most of the changes are just cleanups and a few minor continuity fixes. While that scene with Han and Jabba is still in ANH, the Jabba animation has been cleaned up and no longer looks like it was rendered on a PS2. Han still shoots last. :( At the end of ROTJ, (on the DSII, not Endor) Vader/Anakin is even paler and lacks eyebrows, making him look even more dead and giving him an appearance closer to Hayden's version of the man.

I ordered my copy from Amazon and right now it's somewhere between El Paso and Dallas. With some luck, maybe I'll get it tomorrow night.


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