Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Cyborg Search 0.14

I've updated Cyborg Search to version 0.14. This update adds support for Amazon's search engine.

Version 0.14 will form the basis of the 1.0 version. However, there is much work to be done before that can happen. For some time I've been trying to decide what would constitute 1.0. Today, I finally made up my mind.

The current javascript-based version of Cyborg Search was only ever meant to be a prototype as the ultimate goal of the project is to have a multi-engine search interface optimized for linux-based wearable computers. To further that end, 1.0 will be a *nix command-line application. This should allow me to more easily produce two GUI versions: one for MacOSX and one for GNU/Linux. At some point, Cyborg Search will be open source.

However, as I expect to be forced to continue to use Windows for some time yet, the 0.x line will probably still be minimally maintained for the next couple of years.


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