Monday, September 27, 2004

Cemex Buys RMC Group

CEMEX, the third-largest cement producer in the world is going to buy the number one ready-mix concrete producer, RMC Group. So what's the significance? Well, I work for Jobe Concrete Products, which is owned by RMC, which means that in about six months when all the regulatory B.S. goes through and the deal is final, I will work for CEMEX.

Since the deal just went public today, I'm not really sure whether this is good or bad for me and the rest of Jobe's employees. It seems that Jobe Concrete's president has a pretty good existing relationship with CEMEX USA's executives so it will probably be ok. Based on what CEMEX has done elsewhere though, I expect the name of our company will be changed at some point to CEMEX something-or-other. However, it will almost definitely be bad for RMC USA's corporate management, since CEMEX already has a substantial presence in the United States, that portion of RMC will be rapidly made redundant.

Here's a few articles about the merger in the news:
Mercury News

CEMEX's corporate website is at and the USA division is at An overview of CEMEX's current USA operations is available here while RMC Group's website is here and RMC USA's is here.


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