Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Bullshit Wars

Al Lorentz is an Army Sergeant currently serving in Iraq who had the courage and intellectual integrity to write "Why we cannot win" for which provides a vivid explanation of why the entire Iraq exercise will ultimately accomplish nothing.

Of course, because the U.S. Military and the Bush Administration have no need of truth or reality Lorentz is now facing a bevy of criminal charges including "inciting insubordination, disloyalty and mutiny, promoting disaffection towards members of the United States military, and conduct of partisan political activity." Remember kiddies, when you're serving in the U.S. Military your constitutional rights are null and void. You have no freedom of speech, even when speaking the truth.

Al Lorentz is what every American should be: honest, brave, and ethical; he's a true patriot. The cowards who got us into this mess rightly feel his words of truth are a threat to their lies. In all likelihood he will be yet another of our great nation's soldiers who will be sacrificed in the name of meaningless bullshit. He could spend the next 20 years in a federal military prison for his "crimes," imprisoned by the whores who sell America's soul to stroke their egos and increase their power.

Laura Bush has said that she has seen the president agonize over his choices involving Iraq. I'm sure that agonizing was over the effect this insane war will have on his chances for re-election rather than his sadness at sacrificing so many lives for nothing. So far, 1054 US soldiers have lost their lives and many times that have been seriously injured and permanently disabled. That doesn't even take into account the live lost by our few allies (namely the UK) and the Iraqis, including the civilian "collateral damage."

Don't think for one minute that these sacrifices accomplished anything. Mark my words, in less than fifteen years and perhaps as little as five, Iraq will be in the hands of some other dictator and those people will be no better off than they were under Saddam. Worse yet, if history repeats itself, (as it so often does) the United States will assist that dictator in his rise to power.

Meanwhile, these people ARE DEAD!

Every name on that list was not only a human being but a citizen of the United States of America. They had hopes and dreams and they sacrificed EVERYTHING for their country, in the hope that it would mean something.

The horror is that their sacrifice won't mean or accomplish anything. As so many times before, it will only lead to new enemies for us to fight. There are many parents out there right now with young children aged 0-10 who will never see their sons grow up to have families of their own--not because of a horrific turn of fate but because they will die fighting the enemies our leaders create today.

And that is the essence of every war and offensive military action the U.S. has undertaken since the end of World War II: fought the wrong way, for the wrong reasons, with the wrong goals, resulting in unintended consequences. They are not principled, ethically justified wars; they are Bullshit Wars.


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