Friday, August 06, 2004

Tale of two Katies aftermath...

In reading more of the news about the whole incident and people's comments about it on Slashdot & elsewhere, I'd like to make what I feel is an important point: While Katie Tarbox and Parry Aftab are obviously not perfect people, they are making a sincere effort to protect children on the internet. Their projects (, Wired safety, and Internet Super Heros) seem to offer real services which will aid in that effort as opposed to being the usual political "the government should do something" anti-freedom, pro-big-brother organizations which only work for more laws and more government funded programs. If there's a lesson to be learned from all this, it's this: When people do the wrong thing they need to be called on it and made to set it right, whether they are "good people" or "bad people." I would consider Katie and Parry to be "good people." Penguin Puttnam, being a corporation, goes in the category labeled "stupid people." It is my hope that after Penguin re-publishes the book under the new title all this will come to an end so those two ladies can get on with their work of helping kids online and Katie Jones can get back to using her domain the way she'd like.


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