Thursday, August 05, 2004

Domain Name Greed

The short version: Katie Tarbox writes a book in 2000 about her experience with an online sexual predator. The publisher, Penguin, originally wanted the title to be "" but after visiting that site and finding porn they changed the title to "" The domain was registered in 1996 to Katie Jones and remains in her possession. She has had endless problems because of this blatant misuse of her domain name and recently Tarbox's lawyer has pressured her to donate the domain to Katie Tarbox. The full story is here. Ms. Tarbox is an adult these days and a college graduate. She needs to learn to act like an adult and abandon her aspirations for or at least offer Mrs. Jones a substantial sum for the domain, which I expect Mrs. Jones would turn down. Domain names are property and Mrs. Jones is the rightful owner of These kinds of disputes are becoming a growing problem. Not too long ago there was the whole fiasco. Thankfully Mike Rowe came out on top that time. I hope Mrs. Jones finds victory in the end too. Some of the geeks at Slashdot have a few good ideas how.


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